A downloadable game for Windows

Game made for GMTK Game Jam 2021 !

Your Crusher is indestructible - you aren't!
Crush enemies, deflect bullets - don't get hit!

Controls :

WASD / Arrow keys for movement

Spacebar for special attack

Notes :

Your special attack has a little cooldown, that will get reset if you hit enemies !

Share your high score !

Feel free to tweet your score at us ! 

Credits : 

Sebastien "Glaas" Decuyper - Programming

Sebastian "Seebass22" Thuemmel - Programming

Danae Le Guennic - Sound

Siddharta "Sidremus" Mitterberger - Programming

Gereon Plättner - SFX & VFX

Fredrik - Programming 


CCBuild.zip 27 MB


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I like the colors and the text looks good. Lots of action!